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Cooperation Agreement signed in Germany

We have signed a cooperation agreement with an experienced German company for sourcing solar sites. Six sites with 111 MW are onboarded, additional 400 MW are under screening.

All projects are in areas reserved or suitable for installing solar.

 We have signed a cooperation agreement with an experienced provider in Germany and onboarded first six projects with total 111 MW, within three months after opening the German branch. Additional sites with more than 400 MW of solar potential areas under preparation to be onboarded early 2024.

Josef Kastner, CEO of Nexun, comments: “Germany is the largest and most advanced market for solar power in the EU. This cooperation established within a few months after starting our activities in Germany is a remarkable and significant milestone in our European growth of solar development. Germany with a goal of 25 GW of solar installation per year and political regimes supporting fast deployments of renewable energies is a focus country of Nexun. Our ambition is to grow our development activities in Germany to become one of the well-established developers with a GW portfolio.”

On top of this cooperation agreement, we started to develop with our team several greenfield solar projects on some 330 ha and preparing further cooperations.

Chloe Durieux, Chief Development Officer at Nexun, comments: “We are excited to have this first cooperation in Germany. This partnership in the fast-moving German market another important step for Nexun. We are determined to act in favour of a cleaner and more sustainable future for generations to come.”


Nexun’s Adventure in the French Countryside!

Our team had an amazing 2-day biking trip in the beautiful French countryside organized by the fantastic Chemins. From exploring picturesque villages to engaging in team-building activities, it was a truly unforgettable experience. Check out the video on our LinkedIn, which is linked below, to see the highlights. Be sure to follow us for exciting […]

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Happy World Bicycle Day!

Today is officially World Bicycle Day! To celebrate, we’re thrilled to share some highlights from this year’s Renewable Energies World Race, where our colleagues Gaël Vannier & Dmitrii Bakumenko proudly represented Nexun! Check out these amazing moments from the event and join us in celebrating their incredible efforts!

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