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We are developing projects across Europe.

We are developing a pipeline of 25 projects across Europe, with a total capacity of 568.34 MW.
962.29 ha Area
568.34 MW Capacity
25 Projects
208.231 Households
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Permits and Licences

We are developing our projects in Germany

We have onboarded 248.34 MW consisting of fourteen projects to develop our pipeline in Germany. We are meeting the Municipalities to understand their local requests and coordinate the efforts for a successful development. Additional projects are in our screening to join the pipeline in next months.

Under development
542.29 ha
248.34 MW
Land Identification

Progress and Projects in France

Our experienced team have already secured 11 projects that passed our prefeasibility filter based on our own know-how and precise database base GIS tool designed by Nexun.

This is the first of many steps to create an impact in France.

Under development
200 ha
115 MW

Expansion in the Polish market to promote sustainable growth

Our ambitious co-development project involves a remarkable 205 MW pipeline, comprising 15 meticulously planned solar projects across key locations in central and southern Poland. With secured lands and several projects already receiving environmental approvals and zoning, Nexun is poised to make a significant impact on Poland’s renewable energy landscape.

Under development
220 ha
205 MW

Make the Sun shine

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